Five months into the process of pitching a new Killer Instinct to Microsoft, the team at Double Helix had delivered designs covering  topics as varied as how we would “merge Killer Instinct with the current fighting game zeitgeist,” to “the evolution of muscle memory in the fighting genre.”  But there was one question we hadn’t answered:  “Any last words?”

Apart from all the design and technical data, it was a question that forced us to ask ourselves, “Deep down, where does this passion for Killer Instinct come from?  Who, really, would we be doing this for?”  Here is the unedited page with the answer to that question:


Before we had won the contract for KI, before there was a single character designed or line of code written, we knew Killer Instinct had to deliver for the core fans who had waited for 17 years, and for the fighting game community who would either embrace or dismiss the game mere minutes after playing.  All of us had an image of what that community would want before the community itself even existed.

I don’t think any of us can describe what a joy it is to know that the Killer Instinct community HAS materialized.  We’re watching streams from everyone—from experts to players just learning the genre.  New phrases like, “that’s so clutch” have entered our lexicon (thanks, Alex).  If anything, the office hours have gotten longer, as developers jump on to play with Xbox One fans after the day’s work is done.

And what this makes us all want to say most is simple:  THANK YOU.

Thanks for keeping the faith, thanks for playing the game, thanks for joining the community, thanks for being a part of one of the best game development experiences of all time.

As promised, not a single developer has rolled off the project since it shipped.  The entire team is still working hard to create new modes, content, and a few surprises to continue to grow and expand Killer Instinct.

Except now, they know who they’re doing it for.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Patrick Gilmore (5 Posts)

Double Helix Studio Head - @MrEpilog

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