We are proud to be the developer of one of the flagship games for the next generation! Today, June 10, 2013, inside USC’s jam-packed Galen Center, Microsoft announced an all new Killer Instinct for Xbox One!


The first time most of us heard it, we’d just pedaled to the local bowling alley, pizza parlor or arcade. The moment you opened the door, through the din of colliding pins or pinball bells, a booming announcer’s voice screamed, “COOOOMMMMMBOOOO BREEEAAAAKKEEEERRRRR!”

Today, at Galen Center, we got to relive those moments as Microsoft announced an all new Killer Instinct, developed by Double Helix, would be available as a launch title for Xbox One.

The announcement showcased three completely redesigned characters already familiar to fans of the franchise. Jago, clad in shredded tapestries and ropes that evoke his monastic background, went head to head with an all new Sabrewulf, bristling with hypodermics, but free of the cybernetic augmentation he sported in past installments. Also making an appearance was Glacius, the cold-blooded alien who can create deadly constructs of water and ice.

All three characters sport some of the most advanced technology ever in a fighting game. All the cloth in Jago’s costume is simulated, to dynamically animate, wrinkle and respond as the fighter moves. Sabrewulf has an elaborate fur system, and Glacius uses multiple layers of transparency and refraction, along with tens of thousands of physics-colliding shards to depict his ice armor and constructs.

It’s been a thrilling labor of love for Double Helix. We’ve always had way more than our share of combat designers and fighting experts at the studio. The opportunity to bring one of gaming’s legendary franchises back to fans has been both inspiring and daunting.

The game will be playable on the E3 show floor tomorrow—and in public, at secret locations in the LA area that we’ll start announcing later today!

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more information as it’s released, and follow us on Twitter to be among the first to have a chance to play! The game’s still in development, so tweet us with #KillerInstinct to let us know what you’d most like to see from the new installment!

Patrick Gilmore (5 Posts)

Double Helix Studio Head - @MrEpilog

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