The Friday after E3 was business as usual for the KI team. Everyone was back in the studio, heads down and up to our eyeballs continuing to forge ahead on Killer Instinct–with one exception: we were already starting to get mountains of feedback from the community rallying around the game.

We’ve been a little quiet on the forums (that will change in short order), but wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate your feedback and excitement. In addition to Rich’s polls and upcoming weekly dev chats, here’s a snapshot of what we’re hearing so far.

Click on the chart below for a bigger (hopefully more readable) view. It shows the community feedback we’ve heard most often, with a bar indicating the relative number of requests we’ve had. We’re having tons of discussions with Microsoft about all this stuff, and will do our best to deliver the features you want most!


Keep the feedback coming!

Patrick Gilmore (5 Posts)

Double Helix Studio Head - @MrEpilog

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